Thursday, August 20, 2009

"10 Reasons Why my Husband Should be a Chief"

If you haven't noticed, I have this nifty little gadget on my sidebar that tells me the location of people visiting my blog and how they found it. If they found it via a search engine, it tells me what the term they searched for was. I'm seeing a lot of "why my husband should be a chief" popping up. As most of you know, it's Chief initiation season in the Navy and the chief selectees have to do all sorts of things. One thing is to keep a notebook in which they are assigned to do different things. One of the assignments when Hubs made chief in 2007 was to have his wife write a list of 10 reasons why he should be a chief, and based on the search term popping up, I guess they still have to do this. So, I thought it would be fun to dig up my old list and share it for those wives who may be looking for a little inspiration for their list. :)

10 Reasons Why FCC (SEL) Should be a Chief

1. He passed the test.
2. He passed the board.
3. He looks good in khaki.
4. He's a great leader.
5. He's salty.
6. "Chief Leapard" sounds HOT!
7. You'd be hard pressed to find another FC with his in-rate and shipboard knowledge.
8. So he can take me to the khaki ball.
9. He is an excellent role model for all junior sailors.
10. Did I mention he looks good in khaki?

If you've done this, I'd love to see your list! Add it as a comment if you'd like, even if you used some of mine. :)

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Have a Great Navy Day!


Ashley said...

1.Because my husband is a great leader.

2.Because he spent two years in japan WITHOUT his family

3.Because he's gonna need the extra money since he left me pregnant AGAIN

4.Because he passed the board and test

5.Because he's got the perfect butt for the uniform

6.Because i want to go to the khaki ball

7.Because if he didn't make chief he would use it as an excuse to get out of the navy

8.Because the navy could use more chiefs like him

9.Because our daughter said so

10.Because i've had many sleepless nights and lonely holidays so that my husband can do what he does best knowing that his family is home proud, loving him, missing him and supporting everything he has done and the future that he will have.

Tevera said...

Thanks for all the help ladies. I wish I could post a picture of the scrapbook page I designed but since I don't see a link I guess you just get my reason's instead. I appreciate you letting me borrow and adapt some of yours.

He passed the test.
He passed the board.
He does his job very well.
He will be an excellent role model.
He is loyal, friendly, obedient, caring and a great protector.
The navy could use more chiefs like him.
Our life revolves around the Navy.
He has a wonderful, proud, loving support system.
His job allows us the freedom to lead our lives as we please.
This will be the trip of a lifetime.
Are we there yet?

Tiffini said...

1. He passed the test to become a chief.
2. He sacrificed his well being for 6 weeks...I mean 7 years.
3. He works hard.
4. He makes me call him Chief anyway....
5. He is a good, honest hard working man.
6. He has an awesome wife who holds down the fort and raises our kids while he is off doing top secret Navy stuff.
7. He always goes above and beyond what needs to be done.
8. He is a total Badass.
9. He is helpful and always willing to teach others.
10. He is a great leader and sets a good example.

USNchic said...

Congrats on the promotions!

Anonymous said...

After a week of writing 6 educated and sincere reasons why my husband should be chief I came here for a little inspiration for the remaining 4.......needless to say I found none, infact I was appauled! I am embarrassed that this is on the internet for people to read and associate with military wives. =/

USNchic said...

I am sorry you feel that way "Anonymous". Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to judge. My husband made chief right after he came home from deployment and we had our first child. I had just gotten out of the Navy and was transitioning into motherhood when my husband had to disappear for 6 weeks of chief initiation. Clearly, humor was my coping mechanism. If you ever happen to revisit this post, I'd love to see your list.